Fluxion API

This module contains the key service layer classes that any Fluxion service should expose as part of it's web service contract. There are two main concepts: the DataSource and the FluxionService.


We consider a "datasource" to be a resource provided by a single dataprovider, such as a relational database, directory of files, an excel sheet (or many related sheets), or something else. Critically, though, a Fluxion DataSource exposes OWL data. There is a single DataSource interface that all Fluxion DataSource must implement: see the javadocs for more.


FluxionService is the interface for all Fluxion webservices, at all layers of the stack. They advertise some information about the ontologies they provide data for.

A FluxionService can provide data about several (or only one) DataSource, as specified by it's URI. In the simplest case, a FluxionService will simply delegate queries to the appropriate local DataSource. But in more complicated cases, implementations of FluxionService may want to expose data directly, in different ways.

See this javadoc for the specifics of this interface.

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