Fluxion Datasource API

The Fluxion Datasource API module contains the classes needed to build a model of a datasource. It also contains the classes required to perform a Query against the datasource model and obtain a result, and interfaces and utilities that are needed to interact with a specific underlying datasource. Using this module, you can construct queries against specific datasource implementations, and generate filters for selecting results and narrowing a selection.

All datasources must provide a datasource class, which implements the DataSource interface, and a DataSourceFactory. This API module allows a Fluxion Service to automatically generate new DataSources from an appropriate DataSourceFactory in a common way.

This module defines two common strategies for building new fluxion datasources - by building a BeanModel layer, or by defining an OWL file. BeanModelDatasources should extend the BeanFactory interface to generate beans appropriate for the given datasource.

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