Fluxion Tools Modules

Below is a short description of each of the Fluxion "Tools" modules, and what it can be used for.

fluxion-ajaxA library for exposing AJAX endpoints, using annotated 'POJOs' and a single spring config file
fluxion-ajax-beansA small collection of AJAX endpoints and associated utilities, providing AJAX access to common server-side operations (e.g. file upload handling)
fluxion-ajax-jsClient-side javascript library for communicating with the server via AJAX calls to endpoints exposed using fluxion-ajax
fluxion-spiA collections of annotations and classes that allow Java interfaces and classes to be marked as services according to the Sun SPI specification
fluxion-spi-managerA set of classes that allow hotloading of Java SPI implementations
fluxion-utilsContains reasoner management facilities, reasoner connection pooling, and some powerful utils for analysing and inspected inferred OWL ontologies

For more details on each of these modules, see the individual module documentation.

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